Rivers Day 2022? River Days!

Again in 2022 the OETZ TROPHY teams up with the Free Rivers Fund to bring river conservation to the event. We want to use this platform and the event to advocate for river conservation in general – but in particular to advocate for the protection of the Oetztaler Ache. The Oetztal is threatened by massive hydro power development that will take up to 80% of the water out of the valley. This would not only have devastating ecological consequences and impacts on the local population – but will be the end of the Oetztal being an international epicenter for extreme kayaking.

So of course the Rivers Day 2022 is all about the Oetztaler Ache!

Rivers Day this year will be Friday AND Saturday – there will be several booths with different activities and different NGOs and river conservation groups at the Race Base both days:

The local initiative WET (‘Protect Tyrol’s Whitewater’) will be there to inform you about the hydro power plans and the devastating effects this would have on the Oetztaler Ache – but mainly they are there because they need your help! So stop by and find out about the multiple ways you can get active to help save the Oetztaler Ache!

The River Collective will also be there to inform you about their work and projects – and to host a Home River BioBlitz. They will organise multiple tours in several locations on Friday and Saturday to explore the abundance of different species in and around the Oetztaler Ache – with experts coming along to answer your questions. These tours are open for anyone – bring your kids and family and come along for a little expedition to find out who and what is living in and around the Oetztaler Ache! Stay tuned for the dates and starting points of the tours here: Rivers Day.

Rivers Day 2022 is organised by the Free Rivers Fund and supported by VAUDE and NRS.

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