Here you can find photos and videos of the OETZ TROPHY – Extreme Kayak Championships for free download. The photos and videos can only be used freely in connection with reporting on the OETZ TROPHY and by stating the photo credit. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at


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Winners mens category 2021 © Katja Jemec
Laura Hofberger © Jakub Sedivy
Athletes area © Damiano Benedetto
Wellerbrückenstrecke © Katja Jemec
Winners womens category 2021 © Katja Jemec
Dane Jackson © Katja Jemec
Race course from above © Jakub Sedivy
Championskiller © Katja Jemec
Dane Jackson © Damiano Benedetto
Start Ramp © Jakub Sedivy
Ötztaler Ache in autumn © Katja Jemec