Terms and Conditions OETZ TROPHY

The OETZ TROPHY is an extreme kayaking event. Therefore, please bear in mind that you must have sufficient experience in difficult white water and sufficient physical condition to participate. The following conditions of participation are intended to ensure the safety of all participants. Therefore, only those who accept the conditions of participation and the privacy policy, sign at the start number distribution and take part in the race briefing on the day before the competition (place and time to be announced) will be allowed to start.

  1. Organiser, race management, other official personnel


Organiser is Source To Sea GmbH, Natterer See 1, 6161 Natters.


The race committee consists of the race director, start judge, finish judge and timekeeper. On questions of safety, each one of those members can make decisions individually. Otherwise, the race committee decides by simple majority.


Instructions of the members of the race committee, all race marshals, all deployed doctors, medical and rescue personnel, are to be followed.

  1. Registration, start list and entry fee, deregistration


The starting places will be allocated in the order of the registrations. The places on the waiting list will be allocated in the same order. Vacant starting places will be allocated in the order of the waiting list. For a maximum of two starting places per competition we will award so-called “wildcards” (= free participation rights).


You can pay the entry fee of EUR 135.00 either immediately via PayPal or by bank transfer up to and including 30.06.2023.


With your registration you reserve your starting place. The reservation expires if you do not pay the entry fee by 30.06.2023 at the latest.


You can withdraw from the competition by e-mail or in writing until 14.08.2023 without giving reasons. In this case we will refund your entry fee. The starting place that becomes free will be given to the next athlete on the waiting list.


If you are unable to participate due to illness or injury, you can cancel your registration up to three days before the competition. If you send us a medical certificate, we will return your entry fee. We will give the vacant starting place to the next athlete on the waiting list.


For political reasons, persons with Russian citizenship are excluded from participation in the OETZ TROPHY – Extreme Kayak Championships 2023 and are not allowed to start.

  1. Minimum age, race number assignment

To participate, you must be at least 18 years old on the day of the competition.

The start number and the start package must be collected in person. With your signature you confirm that you are healthy and able to meet the requirements of the competition for which you have registered.

  1. Safety


The race director and his assistants will check the material you are using before the competition and mark it with a safety check sticker.


In order to maintain safety, the race management may definitively exclude participants from the competition at any time, in particular

  1. Participants who do not attend the briefing,
  2. Participants who are obviously unable to safely navigate the race section;
  3. Participants with equipment that does not comply with the rules (kayak, life jacket, helmet, clothing);
  4. Participants who paddle a closed section of the race;
  5. Participants who do not follow the instructions of the persons mentioned in point 1;
  6. Participants who do not visibly display the completed safety check sticker affixed by the race director on the equipment used;
  7. Participants with modifications to the official start number, in particular with covered advertising.

Participants who are excluded by the race management will not be refunded the registration fee.

  1. Race courses

The race courses will be announced at the briefing, but: The race organizers can change the courses at any time, especially for safety reasons, cancel the competition completely or partially or only partially evaluate it. The courses can also be changed at short notice on the day of the competition.

Changes to the race course and the individual competitions may result in particular from

  1. Weather, water level >211cm;
  2. Restrictions by law, regulations or official requirements (e.g. because of Covid-19).

If we cancel the competition before it starts, we will refund the entry fee in full.

  1. Liability


Even if we take all the necessary safety precautions according to the state of the art, participation in the competition remains dangerous. We therefore strongly recommend that you take out accident insurance and insurance for rescue and recovery costs. By signing the conditions of participation you confirm that you have these insurances.


The qualification and final courses are open for inspection and training before the competition, but without a safety crew. If you paddle the sections for training purposes, this is your own responsibility. We only supervise the race sections during the qualification and final runs.

  1. Picture and audio rights

You irrevocably grant us and the photographers, TV and radio stations accredited by us the right, free of charge, to make picture, film and sound recordings of you from your arrival until your departure in any technically possible way and to use these recordings without any restriction and to make them available to third parties for exploitation.

  1. Sponsors and advertising

All types of advertising structures and advertising spaces may not be removed, obscured or otherwise impaired.

  1. Environment


We all have to make sure that the race course and the surrounding landscape is polluted or strained as little as possible. Therefore, we expect all participants to respect barriers and to store boats, other sports equipment and other material only in the designated places.


Vehicles are to be parked exclusively in the reserved parking spaces at the station of the cable car. Driving on the field paths with vehicles is strictly prohibited.


Participants and spectators are obliged to use the chemical toilets provided and not to leave any excrement on the meadows or in the forest. Any contamination of the water is to be refrained from.


The rights of the property owners must be respected. We show consideration for local residents.


Wild camping is strictly prohibited. The police will carry out controls.

Accommodation can be booked through the Ötztal Tourism Association.