Welcome to the OETZ TROPHY Information Service!

To keep you up to date, we will publish the current schedule for the day here. Plus, we will use this page to supply you with real-time information. So, if anything comes up, you will be able to read it here first and everybody will be (literally) on the same page.

This year, we are using a push messaging service, sending notifications directly to your phone. For this, you need to consent to receiving push messages in the popup on this page. For Android users, clicking on the push message will bring you directly to the relevant post. IPhone users will receive notifications on the preinstalled Wallet App as Apple doesn’t allow push messages. Here you will have to click on the sign with the three little dots on the right upper corner, showing you the flip side of the card with the embedded link.

We will send you the desubscribe link on Sunday to let you off the hook 🙂

If you don’t feel comfortable subscribing to this, you can also just regularly drop by this page…or ask your friends and colleagues. 😉

Wishing you a great time on the river, sweet lines and fast times!

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