Extreme Kayak

World Championships

Oetz / Tyrol / Austria

Welcome to the OETZ TROPHY – Extreme Kayak Championships

The OETZ TROPHY provides the perfect setting for the ultimate showdown of the white water kayaking scene. The best male and female kayakers from different disciplines and all parts of the world will meet here. The Wellerbrücke section, on which the finals will take place, is one of the most complex and challenging whitewater courses in the world. With its numerous drops and rapids already extremely difficult to navigate, this whitewater course becomes an even tougher challenge at race speed.

Current information about the OETZ TROPHY

Livestream | OETZ TROPHY 2022

The finals day of the OETZ TROPHY – Extreme Kayak Championships will be livestreamed again this year. And this time it will be even more exciting! In addition to live timing and the frequent fade-in of the interim standings, there will even be an intermediate time (directly after the TNT cataract). The most comfortable way…

Rivers Day 2022? River Days!

Again in 2022 the OETZ TROPHY teams up with the Free Rivers Fund to bring river conservation to the event. We want to use this platform and the event to advocate for river conservation in general – but in particular to advocate for the protection of the Oetztaler Ache. The Oetztal is threatened by massive…

Start list OETZ TROPHY 2022

The starting list of the finals day of the OETZ TROPHY 2022 is now online: Starting list of the OETZ TROPHY 2022 The registrations were sold out within a few weeks and the waiting list has also filled up quickly! We are happy to share with you the start list for the OETZ TROPHY 2022:…

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